Choosing the best leather covers


Just like they say a woman defines a house, so do the car seat covers define a vehicle. The vehicle covers will make a lot of difference to your car; whether your vehicle is old or new. One of the reasons as to why people look for the seat covers is to protect their seats from wearing fast. It is important to note that it is easier to replace the seat covers than the seat itself. Since different people have different tastes and preferences, it is always critical to go for the customized seats. Let us look at some of the things to consider when choosing the best leather covers;

Appropriate fabric


When you are choosing the best leather seat covers, always ensure that you select the most appropriate fabric. One thing that you should note is that there are different types of the leather fabrics. Since the vehicle car seats are available in various materials, the seat covers are similarly available in various fabric. Make sure that you select seat covers that will be able to withstand extreme weather environment, those that are durable, stain resistant, and those that are soft to the skin. Some of the materials that are used to make the seat covers include leather, canvas, fur, vinyl, synthetic leather, and sheepskin just but to mention a few. The leather seat covers are the best since they are durable and waterproof. If you love traveling with small babies, then you may consider having seat covers that are made of sheepskin.

Car seat styles and design

Another thing to look at when selecting the best seat covers is the design and styles of your car seats. The design of the car seat will guide you in choosing the best seat cover. You need to get the exact measurement of your seats when looking for the perfect seat cover. If you do not get the correct size of your car seats, then the seat covers will be wrong measurements and will therefore not be ideal. You can also consider mixing different fabrics to come up with a stylish car seat cover.



Just like it is always advised, never compromise quantity for quality. Go for the quality car seats because they will prove to be cheaper in the long run. Selecting the quality car seats will change the look of your vehicle. Low-quality car seats will make your car seats to wear out within the shortest time possible. Quality car seats will not only last long but will also maintain the required looks.



Factors to consider when choosing a towing company services


You will never really know when you will require the services of a towing company service provider. You can be involved in an accident at any time, this may either leave your vehicle damaged to an extent that you will require towing services since the vehicle is undrivable. In some instances, you may experience mechanical problems leaving you on the side road thus you will not be able to get to your destination.

Whichever the reason, there are times that you will require services of a towing company. That is why you need to have the number of a company that provides such services that you can trust. But the major challenge lies in settling on the best company that can provide this services bearing in mind a large number of companies providing the same. But when making a decision on the best company to provide towing services for you, take the following factors into consideration:


The first thing that you should take into consideration when selecting such a company is the level of professionalism in the services that they offer. To ensure that you get this, you should settle for a towing company service provider that is not only licensed with the relevant authorities but has the appropriate experience. Ensure that the company you settle on has a history of responding quickly to distress calls. You can ascertain this by making inquiries from previous or current clients.


When we talk versatility, we are talking about the variety of towing services that the company is able to provide. The company should be well equipped in the first place, this is very important because it will enable them to deal diligently with any situation that comes up. They should also be able to provide towing services for you whenever and where you need them. This will help you avoid a situation where you can be stuck in a place without any help.


Customer service

Take into consideration how they treat and handle their customers. It is advisable that you settle for a towing service provider that has built a name for providing quality customer care services. Before making the final decision on which company to settle on, ascertain whether the company has a reputation of listening and acting upon the needs of their clients. To help you make an informed decision read reviews from previous clients.

Proper insurance and licensing

Before you settle for any towing company, it is advisable that you ensure that the towing company that you are interested in has the required licenses and insurance. This is simply because towing companies can be equated to vendors. That is why it is advisable that before you enter into any binding agreement, you are dealing with a genuine and reputable towing company.


Contract and pricing fee

Before you engage with the company in any deal, be sure of the amount of money or fee that the company will charge you for their services. Conduct some research and make the final decision based on the best price in the market. Knowing the cost is also important as it will help you make the necessary plans and budgeting.

These are some of the factors that you should consider in order for you to settle on the best towing company service provider.…


Events To Celebrate On A Party Bus

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It is important to consider choosing a party bus when you are going to a special event. This is because, with this kind of a bus, there are a lot of things you will gain and even enjoy. However, most individuals like renting a limo when they are going to an event. It is important to know that limos are a bit expensive compared to the party bus 916. Therefore, save your money and time by choosing a party bus.

tger6fcyh8edj29i2Most of these party buses have some extra features like plasma television, a nice sound system, and even comfortable seating. This, therefore, makes it be used in any event. There are a lot of events that are perfect for a party bus. However, it is important also to know some of the important factors that will guide you when you are choosing your party bus. The following therefore are some of the events to celebrate on a party bus.

When you need a party bus


If you are attending a weddi9ng with some of your friends, it is essential to consider hiring this bus. This is because it will provide good time and safety and also you will travel to the wedding party in a style. If you have ever used a limo to any event, you will realize that a party bus offers a different atmosphere compared to a limo. Therefore, make your wedding party colorful by considering a party bus.

Birthday celebrations

If you want your birthday party to be fun, then consider hiring a party bus. By doing this, you will realize that even the bus itself can be part of your birthday party. Regardless the place you are traveling to, the party bus will provide comfortability to any place you are planning to visit. Therefore, ensure that you choose a party bus during your birthday party.


g2w3edfc6vywe8dfi2If you are planning to attend a concert, then a party bus is the best solution for you. This is because, with a party bus, you will be able to see all of your entertainers. It is also important to know that the bus will pick you from your home and drive you to the front of the concert hall. Also, after the concert, the bus will drive you back to your home safely.


You can surprise your children by going with a party bus during their graduation ceremony. This is one of the best ways to celebrate a graduation ceremony. However, you will be able to explain to the driver the exact time you are required in your ceremony for him or her to prepare enough.

It is important to consider choosing a party bus when you are going to a special event. This is because, with this kind of a bus, there are a lot of things you will gain and even enjoy. However, most individuals like renting a limo when they are going to an event. It is important to know that limos are a bit expensive compared to the party bus. Therefore, save your money and time by choosing a party bus.…


Things to keep in mind when looking for long distance towing services


Have you ever been on a long distance trip only for your car to break down? This can be one of the most frustrating experiences that you will ever go through. For example, if you had planned to drive across all the states from coast to coast, you do not expect anything to stop you from having so much fun. However, engine complications, gas problems, and other situations could just cut your joy short.

Before you notice it, you may have to tow your car all the way back to your state, and that means covering thousands of kilometers. From, you can see that such towing requires specialized services because it is quite different from the usual masks where you only need to move the car over a short distance.

Look at the quality of the towing truck

hgdhgd64The first consideration that you should look at when you want to move your car over a long distance is the kinds of trucks that will be used to move it. Most of the time, companies have special trucks so that they can cover all the kilometers without problems. For example, you will notice that they have new, better serviced, and larger trucks for this purpose. It is because they know that if they are not careful, their own trucks might just end up stalling along the way, and this will not be a good show. Therefore, take time to find out the trucks that they use, and determine if they are the kinds needed in your situation.

The towing method

The way your vehicle is transported from where it broke down to where it is supposed to be taken care of also matters. If you talk to some of the experts in this industry, they will tell you that there are many ways through vehicles are towed. For instance, there are some that are towed by lifting the front wheels while others are moved by being put on a flatbed. There are also those that are towed by being placed on top of a truck just as luggage is carried. The choice of the best method depends on the type of car because not all cars can be lifted by the front.

The possible risks

hdhdd64What are some of the risks involved in the towing process? You need to seek an assurance that as your car will be moved back to your hometown, everything will be safely guarded. You also need to discuss with the company about who takes responsibility for any damages and extra costs. You may notice that some states will require you to pay in order to tow cars through them.
As for the possible damages, the best companies often have an insurance cover that takes care of them.

The best long distance towing trucks are not found from any company. Do not be deceived into thinking that each one of the trucks that you see around can help you to move your car to other states.



Professionally manufactured ATV lift kits for off-road rides


It can be a daunting task to choose the best lift kit with so many brands and models available on the market today. However, with a little research on, you will always get one that will best meet your unique needs. In case you want to avoid the hustle involved in the search process, then go for ATV lift kits. The problem is that not many people know the specifics they should consider in order to get value for their money. Remember, the more details you know about the lift kit, the better it is for you. At the end of the day, you will save money and time and here are some important facts you should have in mind.

You must consider lifting effect & shock absorbers

The most important thing you must have in mind is the lifting effect (both front and backglkbvncm, tires) on your machine. In this case, you have to physically measure the distance between the top of the (tire) wheel to the ground (this must be an even ground). Also, make it a point to consider shock absorbers that are factory made, and whether there are any pre-installed lifting products on your machine. In this way, you will not only know the effect but how much it will cost you in the long run. The best thing is that there are quite a number of options to choose from, and different budget ranges that meet a variant of needs.

Choose quality over pricing

High-quality ATV Lift Kits are versatile in nature, long lasting, and improves riding experience from the word go. The lift kits ensure that that ground clearance is substantially raised offering you the opportunity to mount even larger tires, of which come in handy if you desire to have riding options. Importantly, you choose the number of inches your machine is to be raised at any given time. If this is anything to go by, then they are the right choice for anyone who puts quality over pricing.

aa04It is equally important to note that with the installation process is quite simple, and with expert help, you get the ATV lift kits installed within a short span of time. The finishes are of high quality and this guarantee longevity even when used in extremely unfavorable conditions, not to mention tailor-made parts that ensure proper angles are maintained at all times. As a matter of fact, quality lift kits will raise your machines profile in all ways irrespective of whether you want to lift body, front tires, or back tires,…


Repairing Or Replacing Your Windshield – What’s Makes The Difference?


When it comes to minor, repairable windshield damage, you should know it typically comes in two forms – cracks and chips. Cracks usually create a long distinct line in the glass that can be less than an inch up to your windshield’s width. In most cases, they occur horizontally in wavy or a straight line. On the other hand, a chip is a type of damage that marks the point of impact. The point of impact can come in the form of a bulls-eye, or circular, a star break, which are small cracks forming outwards, a crack chip, which is less than an inch, and a partial bullseye.

Can you repair your windshield?

Whether you can repair your windshield or not, depends on a number of factors.

The size

Modern windshield repair technology has come a long way in the last few years. Depending on the experience and expertise of a repair company, you can have large cracks and chips easily repaired. Keep in mind that there is a limit on repair sizes, which depends on the previously mentioned types of damage. In addition, the matter of repair will also depend on the location of the damage and the equipment a repair shop has at its disposal. That is why you should always seek the services of reputable professionals, such as Auto Glass Express, in case your windshield has suffered either minor or severe damage.

The depth

2The depth is closely related to the damage itself. It is mainly in regards to how deep the type of damage has penetrated your windshield. Remember that a windshield is, in a way, a glass sandwich, which consists of an inside glass layer, a plastic interlayer, and a glass outer layer. Now, if the damage has completely penetrated both the inner and the outer layer, a repair would be almost impossible.

Damage location

Next up, let’s discuss the location of the damage, as it can greatly affect the effectiveness of the repair and the ability to perform it in the first place. If the damage reaches the glass’ outer edge, it is highly likely that the windshield’s structural integrity has been severely compromised. Given how the windshield is responsible for almost 70% of the structural strength in the case of a rollover, it should be properly replaced with a new one.

Also, if the damage is located within the driver’s line of sight, repairs should be also avoided. Despite all the technological advancements, windshield repairs can still lead to a certain amount of distortion, which can severely impair your road view.

Driver assistance systems

Finally, if there is some damage within various sensors, such as lane departure warning sensors, rain sensors, automatic braking systems, as well as other driver assistance systems, keep in mind that some of these devices might not be repairable. The majority of these sensors need to be in perfect mint condition, which means even the best, or the slightest, repairs can cause them to malfunction.

When should you replace your windshield?

3Of course, safety is critical when it comes to driving vehicles. It is no secret that many people think it is fine to drive around with small cracks in their windshield. This poses a great risk, not only to them but all other traffic participants. Therefore, if you notice something unusual with your windshield or if you think its structural integrity has been compromised, waste no time and have the windshield evaluated by the experts ASAP. They will then determine whether it should be repaired or replaced.…


How To Find Brandon Foster Cares For Sale



Finding Brandon Foster cars for sale should be an easy task because many people want to sell used vehicles. What is baffling is that most people go through many challenging situations before finding the cars that they need. In fact, you will be surprised to know that even with many vehicles pit up for sale almost every day, and some buyers never get one that they like. It is because they hardly know about the most important factors to consider when looking for brandon foster tulsa dealerships. If you have been experiencing
similar problems, you may want to check out the following factors before you
starting searching for used cars.

Determine the kinds of cars that you want

22knblkfjklIt all starts by knowing the vehicles that you need. For years, you have always wanted to drive a specific car model, and therefore, this is the time you should go for it. You probably have been saving for too long just to buy this car, or you have secured a loan for the same purpose. This is the more reason you should be careful with what you go for. One of the mistakes that many buyers, especially the first time ones, make when buying used cars is that they want to buy what others have bought. However, you also will notice that everyone has specific reasons why they buy vehicles and therefore, what you are in need of may not be the same thing that others want.

Inquire from various dealerships

To get the best-used cars in Tulsa, you should inquire from various dealerships. This should not be difficult because you can easily check out their websites, and see the cars that have been listed. The best dealers will even go further to indicate the condition of the vehicle and show the asking price. It makes things easy because you already know what to expect when you contact them. One thing that you will find out is that there are the different type of cars that every dealer sells, and their prices vary. Therefore, comparing various dealers will help you to know where the best offers are.

Consult a professional mechanic

33lkjhlkrjkTaking a professional mechanic with you when going to view the vehicle can also help you to overcome some of that challenges that used car dealers often go through. The mechanic will check every aspect of the car and advise you accordingly. If they are honest, they will let you avoid buying it when they know that it is not worth the money. Their main role is to ensure that you don’t end up going through too many problems after buying the car. Usually, the faults that you are likely to fix before you can use a faulty the vehicle could end up making it more expensive than you can imagine.

Getting the best Brandon Foster Tulsa dealers also requires you to know how much you are likely to pay. Since you have chosen to go for a used car, it already is an indication that you are looking for a way to own a car without having to spend too much.



What To Consider When Buying A Truck



Trucks are a popular means of transport worldwide due to various reasons. First, trucks carry heavy loads that may not be handled by other vehicles. They also tackle any terrain which is not possible with other vehicle types. Besides this, trucks can be store a lot of cargo. If you are looking for a good heavy truck, then you need to keep some factors in mind.

Factors to consider when buying a heavy truck

Size of engine

trucksrightasdfghjkl;A bigger engine does not mean it is good for the daily commute. A four-cylinder engine that is powerful is just enough for daily usage. Using such an engine saves you money as well as gas. Heavier loads may call for bigger engines. For example, you may need a V6 for towing a big boat or trailer. Ensure you are aware of what the truck will be doing. Bigger engines are usually costlier than smaller ones, but the smaller ones cannot take the place of bigger engines.


If you need a truck with smaller cabs, then one with space just enough for a passenger and a driver. For a truck with a great cargo space, an ideal choice is the standard cab truck. A bigger cab is suitable to accommodate more passengers comfortably.

Transmission type

If your truck is to be used on roads with a lot of traffic, then an automatic transmission is preferable to save you from hassle since you do not need shifting. The manual transmission is useful if you are going to drive where there is low traffic. Most trucks today have an automatic transmission, so you need to do your research before buying a heavy truck.

Camper shell

If your truck is for transporting big stuff, then you may need a camper shell. Camper shells help in preventing theft and keep stuff inside the truck safe from all weather. These items can be damaged by rain. Such trucks are normally costly but help a great deal.


truckleftasdfghjmkThe type of size of wheels for your trucks should be determined by the weather and the way you intend to drive the truck. If the truck will be working in an area with a lot of snow and rain, then a 4×4 truck is suitable. This kind of truck, however, burns more gas but saves you a great deal from the hassle during the day.

If you are looking to buy a truck for transportation, then put these factors into consideration to get the best heavy truck for your use.



Duesenberg Brothers Racing

History is about to repeat itself….

Watch for exciting news about plans for 2003!

A driver search is on… Are you a good oval driver?

What do Team Owners do in the off season?? …


…. Go for rides on aircraft carriers!!


In honor of our country’s armed forces, Duesenberg Brothers Racing would like to post the pictures, taken last year when Keith Duesenberg was a guest of the US Navy on board the U.S.S Constellation.

Click here for The Pictures!


Western Union Speed Team

We salute the hereos who have worked tirelessly and courageously through the relief and recovery efforts

We remember and honor the victims.…